Moey, Inc.
Project: Powerplay: Children's Museum of Houston

This exhibit has kids climbing the walls. It also has them running an obstacle course, testing their strength, and crossing rope bridges. But, it's not just play for play's sake, because they're tracking their heart rate along the way at special "Power Tracker" kiosks created by exhibit media firm Moey, Inc. After their visit, Powerplayers can track their statistics in an online platform created by The Baylor College of Medicine — and see how different types of activity affected their heart rate, underscoring the importance of an active lifestyle.

Major Robot teamed up with Moey, Inc. to design and create an intelligent data infrastructure for Powerplay. This included a user account system integrated with physical "KidCards" associated via a check-in kiosk when visitors arrive at the exhibit, a database that stores multiple instances of various biometrics (heart rate, height, weight) for each visitor, a CMS for regular content updates, and a process to regularly transmit all this data to Baylor. It might sound like a lot to keep track of, but Major Robot loves a good data-rich challenge.

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Images courtesy of Moey, Inc.