Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Project: NMNH: Q?rius

What treasures have you put away? The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has dinosaur bones, meteorite pieces, ancient turtle masks, and about 20,000 other intriguing objects.

Q?rius is an exhibit that gathers bits and pieces from all sorts of natural history departments, displays them both onsite and online, and invites visitors to research, handle the items, and explore.

Major Robot teamed with C&G Partners (exhibit and website design) and Potion Design (on-site software design and development) to provide the data backbone to this tremendous experience. We delved into NMNH's collections database, storing and displaying data in a cutting-edge Mongo-based Drupal installation. Not limited to backend, we also constructed the front-end web experience based on C&G's beautiful user-experience and visual designs, as well as created an API to provide the on-site kiosks with content and collections data. This CMS finds deep data about deep time and presents it to the user in a fun, educational manner.

Curious yet? Or should we, say, Q?rius?