Moey, Inc.
Project: New York Historical Society: New York Economy Game

The Civil War is on, and due to a shortage of gold, Lincoln begins printing paper money backed by the U.S. government. Do you pull your investment in gold pieces and invest uniforms instead? Or how about railroads? The choice was up to you in the New York Economy Game for the Lincoln in New York exhibit at the New York Historical Society.

Major Robot guided the interactive design of this fun and educational piece created by the technical wizzes at Moey, Inc. In the game, visitors follow (or eschew) the advice of two witty period-based market experts who are sometimes on the money … and sometimes not. Starting off with $100, the user shuffles her investments at decisive moments in the War and then watches her fortune wax and wane as historical events play out.

Will you strike it rich? Or end up with empty pockets?

Images courtesy of Moey, Inc.