Coca-Cola DR
Project: Coca-Cola Happy Pics

If you're happy and you know it, post a pic. If someone else is happy and you know it, vote for them.

Major Robot teamed up with design firm MDFC Estudio to bring Coca-Cola Happy Pics, a cheerful contest site, to life. Part of a Coke healthy living initiative in the Dominican Republic, Happy Pics challenged users to upload the happiest selfie possible and then vote on others' submissions: Are you "Really Happy?" "Really, Really Happy?" Or, even "Wooo Hooo?"

The project required Major Robot to develop a custom CMS for managing prizes, an easy-to-use user-management system, as well as a contest engine to tally all the votes on this popular site. The end result was a quick, robust underpinning for MDFC's festive design.

We had a great time doing it…and we have the photos to prove it!