Burn & Build Body
Project: Burn & Build Body

How do you burn and build your way into a healthy, vibrant and physically fit lifestyle?

Major Robot teamed up with Burn & Build Body founders Rick Dinihanian, CFT, and Dr. Steven Margolin to showcase their line of vegan, anti-aging protein supplements on a sleek website. Burnandbuildbody.com mimics the clean, modern lines of the packaging, and it was key in the launch and success of the brand. We developed the look and feel of the site, configured a Drupal CMS, and Ubercart e-commerce software to make browsing and purchasing the products as easy as the Burn & Build Body 14-Day Detox.

The site and the product both embody a natural, active, and fit lifestyle in a beautifully designed, modern package.

Visit the site here: Burn & Build Body