We don't want to give the impression that we're all machine.

We're real people — in fact, we're pretty good listeners. When we begin a project, our task is to learn your organization's needs and then lay out solutions. We familiarize ourselves with your culture and its goals while we also explore how technology will get you where you're going. We like to ask, for example, what are the users/objects/ideas that we need to wire together? What will your content look like?

After some discovery, we'll take some time to outline sample interfaces that will lay the groundwork for the design and development to come.


Once we’re agreed on the ‘outlines’ of your project, it’s time to begin coloring things in.

On the visual side, we create a look and feel for your project, and once settled on that, we mock up the interfaces from the previous step. We'll present multiple ideas to make sure that you have choices, and then we'll take off running in the direction that you think is best.

We’ll explore various technological tools and finalize decisions on which are best suited for the task at hand. We often find that a CMS is highly useful for our clients since it empowers you to curate your own project.


Our concepts and planning come to fruition as Major Robot programs the components of your interactive project.

We'll harness the most recent innovations, connect your application to third-party APIs and services, and ensure that your product is supported by great hardware. Once everything is built, you'll want to beta-test the product with stakeholders or a sampling of likely users to make sure everyone's expectations are met.

Finally, we launch. Building out a concept into something 'tangible' is exhilarating, and seeing the realization of our ideas and your goals is an amazing reward.


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